Two Paintings — “Hitting On Butane While Listening to Wild Honey Pie” and “Portrait of Gilead.”

Pastels and acrylics on canvas

Hitting Butane While Listening to “Wild Honey Pie” (Portrait of Gregg)

Portrait of Gilead

Recap of My Recent Paintings

Painting is Intoxicating

Six Spheres #5, Oil Pastels and Acrylics on Canvas

SIX SPHERES #5: I’m taking a break from abstract painting, but this is my favorite I have done so far. Just uncanny how color and line achieve that effect.

Weeping Stoneface, Oil Pastels on Paper

WEEPING STONEFACE: I drew this to use for my He-Thing graphic novel. But it has a life of its own now.

Late to Work, Oil Pastels on Paper

LATE TO WORK: I have definitely been this guy.

Traffic, Oil Pastels on Paper

TRAFFIC: This is how I feel a lot.

Gym Teacher, Oil Pastels and Acrylic on Canvas

GYM TEACHER: This was the result of me trying different things with my faces. Love how his mustache and hair turned out.

Jean Grey of the X-Men, Oil Pastels and Acrylics on Canvas

JEAN GREY OF THE X-MEN: Always been a fan of her. My first real figurative painting. I like some things about it, and others I don’t.

Honest Opinion, Oil Pastels and Acrylics on Canvas

HONEST OPINION: I wanted to do a face that was active and smiling.

Vegan Viking, Oil Pastels and Acrylics on Canvas

VEGAN VIKING: Don’t really remember the creative process for this one, but I love the paint for his eyebrows and soul patch.

Commute, Oil Pastels and Acrylic on Canvas

COMMUTE: I guess this commuter represents a lot of women I know. Not completely happy with how this turned out, but I’m leaving it alone for now.

Johnny Utah Doesn’t Get His Man, Oil Pastels and Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas.

JOHNNY UTAH: I don’t really know how to explain this. 🙂