Matt Snee was born in Nebraska, USA, and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Land of Forgotten Mystery. Having survived that neurotic realm’s terrors and delights, he then journeyed to San Francisco, where he enjoyed the last remaining magic of a town whose time had passed. Then it was off to Philadelphia, where creeping despair mixed with watching Allen Iverson dominating on the basketball court. The long quest culminated in Brooklyn, where Snee fumbled at numerous attempts at love, joined a band, smoked lots of weed, and even worked at a very old private library where Moby Dick author Herman Melville once owed overdue books. Now Snee lives in Phoenix, AZ, where he enjoys the sun, treasures the infrequent rain, and misses the color green. 

Matt Snee writes fiction, poetry, criticism, and sometimes records audio book podcasts. He is here at Substack, and already has much to read. His Medium is here, where he tries to post different types of content than he does at Substack. His personal blog can be found at http://www.matthewsnee.com. His Twitter is here: