The Bounties of Nature

The meme “Nature is Healing!” was inspired by the supposed “healing” or “return” of our ailing Mother Nature as a result of the decrease in human activity due to the pandemic. But, like many of you, I’m sure, I have witnessed signs that Spring has been more bountiful than usual this year. Here at Casa de Snee, we have been delighted by the booming population of baby rabbits, who step curiously across the backyard, chomp on flowers they’re not allowed to eat, and shoot like pinballs when my German Shepherd, Lottie, is let out. It’s a sign of beauty in an otherwise insane world. And yes, I’m sure some of these adorable bunnies will be consumed by coyotes (maybe their population is booming too?), but doesn’t something eat us all in the end?

Pictured here are some lovely cactus flowers which bloomed overnight. I think this is the fourth time these cacti have bloomed this year. I wish I could say they have an intoxicating aroma, but really they just faintly smell of cheap dish soap. I guess we’ll just have to settle for them being so damn beautiful.

I swear the Spring has been longer and cooler in Phoenix this year than in the previous eight I have experienced since I moved here in 2012. It has been wonderful. However, slowly but surely, the cool mornings are growing shorter, and the afternoons are growing hotter, and hotter. Summer is coming in the desert.

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